EUROPRIDE MADRID 2007 – Spanish version

Many of the Spanish gay men on the streets of the capital felt quite excited and proud of the fact that Europride was celebrated in Madrid. There was the sense of being special among all the countries in the world for having achieved equal rights for gay couples in terms of legality, denomination of the union and adoption and recognition for transsexuals and their legal status -they can change their name in the national ID card regardless of a physical change of sex.

But, the street parties and the huge number of people watching the parade did also increase that pride, that inner perception of having achieved a level that many other countries in Europe and in the world would like to be. That, a country from the south of Europe can do as well as many of the more socially advanced northern areas of the continent.

Though, I was never a full supporter of the word “marriage” as such for its religious connotations, I admit that I am more willing to do it nowadays.

I shared the joy and happiness of many who had campaigned for years to see this moment and due to the complex legal system in Spain, this achievement is understandably important.

So, Enhorabuena [Hooray!!!] to those who fought hard to be here.




If there was something to prove, Madrid did it.

Europride was a great success in number of people, who joined in thousands ,to the revellers on the march and the party atmosphere on the streets during the whole week.

Crowded coaches left different locations around Spain with one direction, the capital. If there ever was to be a gay airline, this was the time. Many of the planes landing in Barajas on Thursday, Friday and even Saturday were full of gay men and members of the broad community.

If someone had in mind just to party on the weekend, they soon left those intentions aside as it was busy on Chueca from late Thursday night. The rest of the days followed the trend with a, perhaps too packed, busy Saturday.

The Parade took nearly five hours to complete the journey from Puerta de Alcala with its floats packed with men and women demonstrating their joy of the rights obtained in Spain and standing defiant to the new goals to achieve for LGBT community.

Though a more elaborated floats would have added that extra push to the party, the view of them when they passed Hortaleza street via Gran Via was of a superb musical party event with people cheering up and participating.

Perhaps, Saturday wasn’t the best day of all with so many people on the streets of Chueca that the aim to move from A to B become impossible. Saying that, it reinforced the idea that Europride and Gay Pride in Madrid was not just a party for those “within the community” but for everyone who wanted to have fun.

Many will take a few days to rest, not doubt that well deserved, because the energy required to keep up with the party spirit was high and well-spent and many happy trashed faces boarded their planes back home.


I guess the weather forecast will be the main talk in many gay bars in Soho. Once again, the odds for a rainy parade could be gaining bets.

But, for those who believe in deities, their faith may protect us against a downpour as so all the effort and money paid to personal trainers can be shown off in a yet, the same but seems bigger parade, throughout Central London.

I won’t say I am one of the unconditional followers of Pride in London, but I, indeed, wish my best. This is a city where the gay scene has more options than many other I have been -and a bad devil bear I am, I have done a bit of research.
Nevertheless, Pride events haven’t been pretty successful so far.

So, here it goes once again. Good luck!!!


The evil bear monologue about gay scene.

“Just a few more days and it will be Pride or Mardi Grass or any other name that someone might have decided to come out with in many cities around the U.K. and also Europe.

It´s all great, we will be gathering together to celebrate our diversity, our sexuality, our new gained rights and express our demands for those points we feel we need to still fight for.

Perhaps, in Great Britain we might feel complacent with what we have achieved and sometimes feel that we might have demanded more when it came to Civil Register instead of Gay Marriage like in Spain. But, we should be proud of what we have, especially when we look at countries like Poland or Russia where being gay is not an easy option.

We´ll be showing off the usual stereotypes with which many gay men or women might not feel attached to, but beyond that, there´s a group of people that should be proud of being what they are. No matter what religion, politicians, or retrograde people say.

So, when it comes to PRIDE EVENTS, go and enjoy. Forget about everything else, you just another human being with all the attachments like anyone else”

The evil bear.