I passed by this noodle bar in Soho many, many times. I was always intrigued by its sleek, smart look and I wanted to try. So, today I decided to go there with a friend who I convinced against his will to favour a £6.50 Thai Vegan Buffet in the same street.

The prices in the Tuk Tuk many are quite fair and surprisingly not expensive for the area -true that SoHo and Covent Garden offer plenty of choices in terms of cheap eats, but it become harder over the last few years to find anything that is cheaper than a fiver.

The service was quick, the room well lit up and the staff was pleasant and efficient. Most of the tables were taken and people seemed pretty satisfied. I ordered a chicken with rice dish and my friend a meat and seafood with rice one.

Food was served promptly and the appearance was quite nice.I wouldn’t say that I felt the same way when I finished my meal. The duck and pork were very tasty and rice was just cooked fine. Still, I was disappointed somehow. I have eaten many times in cheap Noodle bars that won’t make it to the top ten for service or staff smiling skills; even though, the food was cheap and filling -in many occasions I haven’t been able to finish my meal.

Tuk Tuk might appeal to anyone who seek to placate their hunger for a short period of time or if you are happy to order some starters, but I won’t say it will do the job is you are looking for a single fill-me-up dish.

As always, opinions vary, so please don’t let mine ruin your free will. So, if you feel like trying, do so, please. Don’t worry, I won’t say, I told you so.


56 Old Compton Street
London W1D 4UE



Gayromeo is not as known in the U.K as its counterpart gaydar. Its popularity is based more in the geographical area of Continental Europe, being more specific in countries as Germany, Netherlands or Austria.

Who is it for?
Anyone who either feels not bothered with Gaydar in the U.K., people living in German speaking countries and those who are looking for a good gay chat site without having to worry about how much it’ll take in our bank accounts.

How much would it cost you?
Basically, nothing if that’s they way you want it to be. It offers absolutely free of charge:

+ Unlimited messages
+ Unlimited profile viewing
+ Link friends to your profile
+ Powerful user search
+ Profile Album with 25 photos
+ Storage for 60 users

Of course, if you feel that you would like some extra service plus contribute to the maintenance costs of the site, you could apply for Gayromeo plus.

What’s the style like?
Easy to use, friendly and pretty straight forward. Search options can be limited to certain areas and profile offers enough information so you don’t need to answer those tedious repetitive questions.

Do I recommend it?
It’s a good site to meet new friends, keep in touch, find Bed & Breakfast and especially for those aiming to go to Germany or surrounding areas.

Sex factor.
People can be as forward as in any other website, plus profile option let your intentions clear to anyone who bother to read them. Definitely, there is a real chance to pull.


I have set up profiles in many gay websites and I still do in many others. There is not a real need for me to be on all of them and honestly, some of them I haven’t used them for long. But, I always feel the curiosity to know what they are like and since I am already in so many, I thought to have a Tried and Tested section on them 🙂

So, my first choice is

Who is it for?
As you could expect from the website name, anyone who describe themselves as bear in the more strict meaning of the word within the gay community. Of course, admirers are welcomed and the not-so-clear definition of Cubs are also using it.

How much would it cost you?
Free as long as you are happy not to use it when it’s “priority access only”. Still, you should get messages sent to you.

What’s the style like?
Not the best lay-out ever seen. Easy to use, basic profile information and users can put several photos. Very popular with Bear events around the world -one of the features allows members to join a kind of “guestlist” of who is going.
Though, messages received can sometimes freezes momentarily your web browser if not open immediately.

Do I recommend it?
Well, BEARWWW and EUROWOOF are linked, so your profile goes long way if bear are your kind of men. So, big, hairy and chunky, then you’re in. But remember not everything is about labels.

Sex factor: Depends on what you are into. Bear wise, well, sexy guys indeed.