Gay sex

I watched a TV tonight on Channel 4 (UK) about how gay sex changed Britain.

Basically, the idea of the programme is simple, the British society has become accustomed to the idea of men having sex with men -sorry, girls, not a mention to you in the programme, not in the bit I saw-.

I had the feeling that it was like a “How to be gay and enjoy it” guide without the practical information just the highlights. The happy side of it, if any, was the journey throughout the history of the British pop music and how it helped to promote a more open sexual attitude in the people and the society.

Of course, it was also a great opportunity to provide with free advertisement to the already popular Gaydar website.

The bottom -yes bottom- line is that attitudes might have changed but a homophobic society still is in place as it showed clearly in the other programme that marked Channel 4 Gay season in which they relived the death of a bartender in a brutal attack in Clapham Common.

Police patrols have been seen in Hampstead Heath recently after a gang assaulted a gay man.

Sex is also a disposable need…Internet made it so, we use it without having even put a condom- just the excitement and the handy job and a night browsing the internet, then, just go to bed,

So, was it worth it watching that programme? Well, sure that urinals will be more popular from tomorrow.