Newsround: Sony PSP phone

I wonder, how long before the Zune/Xbox Microsoft phone is in the market?

Considering how many companies trying to get into this new competitive world of telephone handsets that do anything else and might be used from time to time to make calls, there are chances that more and more companies like Microsoft or even Nintendo will join in.

But like the classic Maths question of “if you have a cake and slice it into X pieces, how many people would be able to eat it?”, though in this example we are not told how big the slices can be for each person.

Saturation would probably be the reason for a slowdown in the future in this race to produce more and more gadgets that do all these wonderful things. So, soon, we will able to listen to our iTunes in our iPhone while playing games in our PSPphone or WiiPhone or using windows in our MicrosoftPhoneVista. But the question is, would I use to make calls?


Newsround: Facebook reveals all!

Perhaps, not all, but the decision by Facebook to allow public search of its files by other who are not registered with the site won’t be welcomed by everyone within the networked community. Even more, the company also said that search engines such a Google will be able to find users through its search page in about a month time.

The Web 2.0 is bringing more people together and allowing us to share more data than ever but there is also a more increasing risk of losing our privacy and be a victim of identity fraud or similar.

Though the move has been public in the main profile page of the Facebook’s users, many will omit it in an usual way that we sometimes forget about other things. You might not want to be seen or found by just everyone but a controlled reduced number of people. With this move, Facebook take that away from registered users that might have not taken the appropriate steps to stop it.

How will this action be taken by the thousands of people using Facebook is still to be seen. Surely, many won’t be very pleased.

Newsround: New Touch Screen iPod coming!

Be brave and safe money!! Your new must-have iPod is on its way and it should be in the shops this Christmas. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do with the old one, just look for the empty box, put it back in and wrap it up in Christmas present paper ready to be the next gift for that person you may like but can’t bother to buy him/her a brand new one.

I am afraid to say that there would be a more than normal chaotic frenzy to acquire it since everyone would have to decide whether to spend the money in new headphones for the brand new iPod, or get new accesories for it, or decide between the iTV box or the most awaited item for iFans which is the iPhone.

Whatever you decide to go, actually iDon’t care. I am so far resisted the temptation -though I know soon or later I will fall prey of it. But you are one of those people mad about it, well, enjoy your shopping. Just don’t get too carried away.:)


News about anything to do with the iPHONE has been passing from inbox to inbox around the world millions of email addresses before the phone was even out. There is not doubt that any piece of information about the so-called gPHONE by Google would do the same. That’s exactly what happened.

A leak information from one of Google many tentacles in the world, more precisely in Spain, suggested that the company is about to reveal one of the most talked about secret if it finally come true as many expect.

The question to ask ourselves is whether Google has been gaining a status as a big brother -perhaps a good one, indeed, nevertheless still the holder of the information we provide when using its services.

So, in the likely event of the launch of a gPHONE, how could we be sure that the information we download, access or store will be kept safely enough from future changes within the company?

I, like many other people, just wait to see what happen. Though, if I have to bet, so far I have 50/50