Newsround: Not Flash Gordon

In Politics, the public opinion is the master. If anyone wants to be in Politics, they should learn that rule from day one. Gordon Brown is fully aware of such a statement, he realises that the previous N10 occupant did not follow it and that could cost the Labour Party its Government.

Those citizens who disliked the way that Tony Bliar dealt with so many matters might feel tempted to vote for someone who has not embraced the Media circus or mingled with so many of the celebrities willing to shake hands with someone in high level of power.

The question remains, though, for it is hard to distinguish if the new look and attitude reflects a total change of policies of just a pro-election mood with a return to the arrogance attitude from the past.

Unfortunately for Tories, they position is quite the opposite and Cameron needs the attention of the Press and TV networks if he wants to achieve a change in the current House of Commons, though he is unlike to manage that by just putting a Superman costume and promise to save the world.


Mum, I want to be a buy-out Executive

Well, how good is this Labour Government!!

I just learned that I just need to work for a big Investment Company and I would be able to reduce my 40% tax contribution to just 10%.

How great Capitalism is!

Let’s face. When news like this are highlighted, we -as for those who are just not in the high wages league- can just feel betrayed.

How is it possible that Financial Times reporter the following:

Nicholas Ferguson, one of the most prominent figures in Europe’s private equity industry, has broken the sector’s taboo on tax by criticising the fact that top buy-out executives “pay less tax than a cleaning lady.”

Gordon Brown has been the right hand of Tony Bliar for years, does it mean he will break from the policies already in place?  Well, election is ahead, have  your say!!