We might not need to wait until The Day After Tomorrow, it seems it’s more a question of TODAY rather than tomorrow.
I know, many won’t believe it yet. Of course you might think that these strong rainfalls and the floods they caused have nothing or little to do with the climate change in general. If you think like that, good for you!!. I hope to see what you think in five years time, because we won’t need more I guess , to start suffering not the mild “tantrums” from nature but a real upsetting moment.

It is happening and we need drastic measures not stupid talks and greener “on the surface” companies.

But if it’s sad to see these families without a home to protect them apart from the temporary one, there is another question to answer: Was it really unavoidable?
Not sure what to think about it. After all, not even a powerful nation can predict what’s the weather will be like?

In different view, though, Government may have fell short of their optimism to expect things to be less severe as they finally were really, really severe in some ideas…


Do something different, have a plant.

I always look at balconies. Perhaps, more out of a voyeur obssesion rather than a simple glaze 🙂

But apart from the occasional fancy decoration or the lack of any, the abandoned bycicle or the ocassional vacous pots, I happen to notice one thing. No plants. People don’t have or care to have plants anymore. Strange, I always thought.

All this concern for the enviroment and how much we need to take some kind of action and many more empty words said sometimes; but when it comes to do little things that can change our planet and our attitude towards it, we don’t seem to care.

How many of us find relaxing being in a garden or in a nice park with flowers but resigned to leave in houses or flats with no other company that the nature we see on tv.

So, perhaps, you might be tempted to visit your local nursery soon.