Doctors’ advice

Any sickness is bad news for those who happen to suffer it. Life-threatening diseases are even more dreaded by those who have one. So, how important is for someone to rely in their doctors, consultants, GP’s or medical specialist?

Needless to say that it’s everything for these people. They are overwhelmed by many so-called friends, adviser, or anyone else you might think of that will be so keen to “confuse” you. Information which, indeed can be helpful, become a tool of confusion and fear.

We like to think that we do receive the right care and advice but is it really like that always? The answer is not.

In the current AIDS & HIV conference in Sydney experts are talking about when it is the right time to start medication. From the arguments in favour and against we could guess that the futile battle may be costing life in the long term.
Same when it comes to decide whether is a good idea to promote circumcision in order to avoid -even if it doesn’t guarantee so- the possible infection of the virus.

The question I ask myself so many times is why can’t we be taken as human being into account when it comes to medical advice? It’s good to think that we are dealt by “medical expertise” but feeling isolated and overwhelmed with unclear advice can’t help towards the patients’ well-being.

For those who already made their decisions, it might come as a bucket of cold water wondering whether they decision was based in the wrong guideline at the moment.