There is a popular saying in Spanish that says:

Tres cosas tiene la vida: Salud, Dinero Y Amor; aquel quien tenga las tres, le de gracias a Dios.
Three things are in life: Health, Money and Love, whoever might have the three of them, should be blessed for owning them all.

I can’t say whether I feel like I have the three of them, but I can say that Health is the one we might be more naive about. So much faith we have on being “healthy” that we ignore the fact about how little we really know about our own body and how fragile and vulnerable we are to sicknesses.

I am not trying to have a “doom and gloom” attitude, but I read recently about a illness that over different generations caused the death of many of the family members. All of them diagnosed with the wrong symptoms, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that the family managed to come to terms with the truth of the problem: They are carriers of a type of latent virus that can manifest at some stage in their life.

Cancer is another sickness that surprised me when I understood where it came from. When my father died of lung cancer, I was desperate to find a reason to blame for its loss. Something, that out there, was the responsible of his death. True he was a heavier smoker, but I think, the most shocking thing for me was to learn that we all can have cancer. The sickness is not more than an abnormal behaviour of a healthy cell that grows beyond control at some point on our lives -of course, other things can trigger it.

Again and again, I learn of something new that question the idyllic idea of healthy beings that we might form in our heads.