War is not about winner or losers, it is just about VICTIMS from either side. Pain, fear, incomprehension are more likely words to use instead of hate, revenge and rights.

Only when we are able to listen to all the parties can we really understand the real extend of the complexity of a war but it also helps us to understand the nonsense that many of the excuses we use to maintain a war status are.

One of the latest and most prominent war is the constant confrontation between Palestine and Israel or even within the different parties in the Gaza and West Bank.

There is one true about any war: none. Because wars are about manipulating, lying and greed at the service of a few.

As I mention before, WAR is just A NON SENSE.


naffnaffqueenqueen blog

So that’s the key to success on a blog publishing world. Take photos then be as nasty as possible and get a gay magazine to publish your site..

Well, …I guess there’s room for everything in this world.

Ps.. I guess I should say well done, [add any insult or pejorative word]

Getafe Football club upset the Church Stablishment in Spain

A promotional video of one of the Spanish football teams has upset the diocese of Getafe due to its religious visual references.

With sentences such as: Who do you think that I would kill my own son…remove myself my own rib…just because you may ask me to…? For You, No. For my Team.!!!

The church officials has condemned the video for blasphemy not so because they used the images of scenes related to the Bible but because in the video, the characters refused to follow the divine orders…

Oh well….i think many humans refuse to follow the divine mandate nowadays.

To watch the video, click here. [Spanish version]

A bus trip…nice workout

Step 1. Relax your muscles and get into the mood to catch the bus.

Step 2. Wait until the last minute, then run to the bus, especially waving with both hand to increase the cardiovascular exercise.

Step 3. Breathe in and out while touching the reader with your oyster card

Step 4. Stretch arms and legs by avoiding to fall while the driver goes mad at the wheel.

Step 5. Repeat the step 4 while trying to get upstairs using your legs as support.

Step 6. Works lateral abs by holding tight on both side of the aisle trying to reach the back seats.

Step 7. Relax

Step 8. Reverse Steps 6 and 5 and reach the ground level.

Step 9. Last few arms exercises trying to hold tight when mad driver brakes suddenly

Step 10. Get off, breathe in. Relax.

Damn weather.

For once, I wish the climate change would be more obvious. Let me explain. Having been born in a country where the sun makes its strong presence for most of the year, I have learnt to appreciate cloudy or overcast days in London.

But as the weeks pass by and they become a month, I get more and more fed up of these cloudy long grey days with not hope to see a ray of bright sunshine.

So, in a kind of ode to those thousands of us who keep looking up to the sky wishing just for a sunny day, here’s this post.

Damn the bloody weather!!!

Dead body, No, just stinky feet

If you smell a dreadful stench coming out of your neighbour’s flat, think before you rush to call the police.

According to 20minutos.es, a German citizen called the police to notify of the smell that he thought was from his tenant’s home.

Luckily it wasn’t a dead body what they found but the man who lives there and a huge pile of dirty laundry, especially socks whose owner suffers from a excessive sweaty feet.

Ryanair. Part 1

I always admit that you get what you pay for. Fair enough!. Though, sometimes, it does not mean that a value item has to be a bad thing. That was my policy towards Ryanair until recently. On my return from my visit to Spain, I was meant to take a plane at 21.10

A delay is common so I wouldn’t complain much about it. An hour, though, it’s bit more than just a normal delay and that was what happened due to stormy conditions.

Unfortunately, the saying that you get what you paid for, shouldn’t mean that a large group of people are left unattended for more than two hours without any public announcement or member of Ryanair to explain the reasons.

If that was not bad enough, we left the waiting room to enter it again since the police had to check passports again.

In short, is really customer service not possible when value for money is the important thing? I think it is but obviously Ryanair’s staff think very differently.