Gay, muscles and a bottle of Protein.

Well, I will lie if I said that I didn’t feel the attraction, the need or rather say the necessity to improve my look. Muscular body, that was exactly what I had in mind, like many other gay men in the world -though, I will like to remark how many other aren’t really bothered by that.

The truth is that for a while I tried to beef up if I could say, though I would probably prefer to say that I chickened out, in the more realistic sense of my actions. Building up muscle is not a simple journey to the gym every day -of course, it does require at some point visiting the gym. But it also implies some other help- normally in the shape of a supplement. It’s true that I am not necessarily correct in my assumption, many of the gym-goers will contradict my opinion and reaffirm that it is possible to work out and get results without having to go into the chemical aid provided by supplement. Perhaps.

The reality may be slightly different to the idea of performing endless routines and sets until our hidden six pack appear like a box of beers in an Aussie Barbie. For many gay men, the external pressure to look like an action man lure them into trying creatine, protein and from there many other substances; some more dangerous than other.

The result, though, can be visible sometimes. Deformed or abnormal developed parts of the body shown off in some kind of freak show for the amusement of those willing to pay worship -yes, I admit I do like muscle men, but I always like to fantasize with those who you rarely see in the gay scene, like a builder in the most proper sense of it.

Still, I am anyone to criticize anyone for their aim to look different, if that’s what they want to achieve. Good on them!!

Myself, well, I accepted that my improvement won’t take me to the Mr Universe catwalk.



One of the most popular features of internet dating is the ability to see photos of those who are looking for something more than just a nice chat about the weather or the financial crisis of Northern Rock or the continuous debate about the McCanns’ guilty status.

There is not doubt that by putting nude pictures in the profiles is one way to, apparently, the purpose of the search is become more obvious. Still, there is something about a full close-up image of a penis in a 20 inches monitor that somehow does not work like in the real world.

Erotica and imagination can together. Magazines like Playboy know that considering how many Straight men have been buying for years. The motto always has been “Imagination”. When meeting someone in a bar, we consider all the different aspects of that person, his look, his personality, his voice, his masculinity but we might just be contempt with just imagine how that person might look naked.

True that on-line dating is about fast food delivery in many cases, but there is a still some brutality in the way that people flash their cocks or the anuses in some how of bizarre photo exhibition on screen.

I might sound a bit old fashion but I think imagination is good to create some fantasia and hopefully it will be fulfilled with the right bits.


You may be forgiven for thinking that someone into any type of fetish can be some kind of pervert. Quite reasonable thinking if you have in mind some of the fetishes that people could get into, such a suffocation or pants sniffing. I am not against anyone into any thing weird as long as it does not involved harming anyone against their own will -even within the S&M.

But , the truth is that many are into fetishes that focus their life so much that it will damage their relation with other people.

I remember when I met a black guy a while ago and he told me that meeting people was a hard work for him. He was an attractive man and very pleasant to be with. The issue he raised was that men -other than those of black race- who came forward to talk to him, will mention their wish to fulfil the fantasy to be with a black man.

I am sure that could apply to those who are hairy and sometimes feel that they people they are with are more interested in being with their hairy parts of their bodies that with the person who is the bearer of that hair.

Fetish is good where it light up a undermined passion between two or more people. When the fetish is more important that the people, it makes me wonder how good that is for the person with that type of fetish.


I know I might not be the bravest person when it comes to kiss in public. Though, I have not been ashamed to do so in SoHo or in gay bars, or gay areas or as they are called nowadays, Gay Villages.

I do still not feel comfortable showing affection in such a way in any other places. I know, many gay men would say that I just have to accept the way I am and challenge the society in which we all live. Easy to say, not so easy to do, especially if anyone has to over-rule the intrinsic mental resistance that stop them doing so.

I guess the reason for all this deliberation comes from the innocent act of kissing between two straight teenagers in a bus stop in which I was waiting yesterday. The early affection game shown by these two people took me into some kind of reflection and I thought about how difficult is for so many gay men to be able to show their true feelings. Not because they don’t want to, but due to the inhibitions that we have as a result not just of our personal education but the fear of the reaction from those surrounding us.

I realised how much of the Society we need still to change. I know that I won’t necessarily be supported in this matter since, as I mentioned earlier, many gay men won’t agree with my attitude. I wish it was so easy for everyone. I am not shameful of what I am, but I acknowledge that there are difficulties to express freely all the range of feelings and emotions in public in the same way that straight people do.



All that hunting, chasing, bending, pushing, and running. Who needs to go a gym when you do cruising instead.


In order to keep up track of your targets, those unwanted by-passers, valuables, dog-walkers. Better than playing videogames and more realistic.


All those big green areas, those dense forests and big parks. Who can resist the temption to watch the animals in their own enviroment?


Have anyone checked how many numbers on their mobile phone books are from people who you met while cruising? How about those odd conversations about people’s ratings?


Well, sex is a good way to get all those benign chemicals released in our bodies.


Gayromeo is not as known in the U.K as its counterpart gaydar. Its popularity is based more in the geographical area of Continental Europe, being more specific in countries as Germany, Netherlands or Austria.

Who is it for?
Anyone who either feels not bothered with Gaydar in the U.K., people living in German speaking countries and those who are looking for a good gay chat site without having to worry about how much it’ll take in our bank accounts.

How much would it cost you?
Basically, nothing if that’s they way you want it to be. It offers absolutely free of charge:

+ Unlimited messages
+ Unlimited profile viewing
+ Link friends to your profile
+ Powerful user search
+ Profile Album with 25 photos
+ Storage for 60 users

Of course, if you feel that you would like some extra service plus contribute to the maintenance costs of the site, you could apply for Gayromeo plus.

What’s the style like?
Easy to use, friendly and pretty straight forward. Search options can be limited to certain areas and profile offers enough information so you don’t need to answer those tedious repetitive questions.

Do I recommend it?
It’s a good site to meet new friends, keep in touch, find Bed & Breakfast and especially for those aiming to go to Germany or surrounding areas.

Sex factor.
People can be as forward as in any other website, plus profile option let your intentions clear to anyone who bother to read them. Definitely, there is a real chance to pull.



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Important Note from the Daddyhunt Team

The U.S. government wants to kill adult personals sites and invade your privacy!

The federal government is proposing regulations that would effectively kill adult social-networking sites. This is being done under the guise of fighting child pornography. You have until September 10 to object to these regulations. The Department of Justice is proposing regulations to implement a federal law designed to combat child pornography, known as Section 2257. The law was first enacted in 1998 and was amended in 2006 and significantly expanded to include regulation of the Internet. While many of the regulations pertain to companies that produce adult entertainment magazines and videos (and are extremely burdensome), they would also affect anyone who uses an adult social-networking site. Here’s how:

  • The regulations would require the people running a site to get and maintain personal information from every user (that means you) who posts a ‘sexually explicit’ photo, including your photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or military ID).
  • The regulations would allow the Attorney General to conduct warrantless searches at will on the sites records, including your personal information.
  • There are few safeguards over what the FBI can do with the information it obtains.
  • If a site operator fails to comply with the regulations, he or she would face a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Please help to protect this community and others. Click here to send your thoughts on these regulations. The deadline for comments is just a few days away, so please take action now.

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