Newsround: Climate change and bills

So far you might have not believed it. Fair enough. After all, what’s all this hassle about the climate change if nobody seems to agree what is exactly happening. Still, that’s fair point. You could even argue that scientific evidence is sketchy and inconclusive and any other excuse you could find to justify that changes to the planet are not happening.

I am afraid, though, companies start thinking differently and they believe that we are responsible, therefore, customers should pay the full price of the cost of fixing the problem we created. Many utilities service providers like water or electricity companies have been passing the cost of dealing with the green issues on their bills and more and more will follow.

Besides what it’s been said before , taxes are on the table as the next green income by the government to help to develop alternatives to the existing energy resources that we use.

In short, it would Economics not Politics which will get the message across. We might not like to talk about it, but definately we don´t like paying for it.


Atypical summer in Spain, an endless Autumn-like weather in England, heatwave in Eastern Europe; I could keep on going with floods or hurricanes or the fires spreading in Greece. All could be linked to the changes in the weather around the world-if not directly, at least indirectly.

I am quite certain that anyone would be able to recall a few more natural disasters of their own. The reality is that the debate about Climate Change in the world is proven unnecessary since it is Nature which decided to participate on its own terms, by going for a more practical explanation of what changes can be.

I always find strange that we engage in such a stupid battle to prove who is right or not about the dramatic events taking part in many areas of the globe. Death as it seems, it is not enough for Politicians or countries governments to be serious about the threat for not taking any action to tackle the problems that arise from the heavily industrialised world we live in.

Ecology would be the new science, I believe that. Not in the way we have it now, in which it is not more than another money-maker machine for many companies that under the green flag, don’t really offer a honest ecological product or approach within their companies.

I believe Ecology will be entrusted in a different way we do nowadays, in a way that the simple act of not respecting the environment would punish or ban in the same way we do with different values now.

The key question is when we all become believers of something many still think it’s not happening.