It’s some kind of ironic way of succeeding in life – or it would be probably better to say after death. Queen, Marilyn Monroe, actors, sculptors, and many other artists have gained a sudden popularity shortly after their death.

Luciano Pavarotti is the latest name to add to that extensive list of celebrities in some way that have departed by still left us a legacy of Royalties and money spinning records. His considered most popular piece got an extraordinary attention in iTunes website among others of people download the song.

But I wonder how many of those who have already downloaded the song felt more moved to do so because of the influence of other in from of them.



I must say that if there was a Sci-fi film I could say I always thought of as a cult one, that’ll be Blade Runner. If there was a future I could believe it could happen, that will the future of Blade Runner. In my head, images of polluted cities, over-crowded urban areas, people and ads talking Chinese (Mandarin) – well, that’s my guess- language being the mainstream way to communicate in a multi-ethnical society.

Then, there were the Corporations and Replicants. I believe, both might still take their role in the future where could have been so accurately described in the movie. After all, don’t we see nowadays how globalisation is changing the shape of finances, markets and whole countries economies. Is it really difficult to imagine a world where a few of those global corporation may feel so powerful that national needs are forgotten for the good of the company?

It has been many years since the Ridley Scott’s masterpiece was released. It was and it is a movie that set a future that for many might sounds catastrophic or apocalyptic. Still, it is a future I can believe, I could see it as happening. Not that I don’t like Star Trek or Star Wars, but there are not ideas I think has much to do with what human beings may be doing in the times to come.

The Replicants were, back then, an idea that looked too futurist, too advanced for its time. Nevertheless, we don’t show surprise when we see videos with the latest acrobatic act of a new version of the Asimov Robot in the news. It will take take, perhaps, it won’t be by 2019, but not though, that technology is pushing changes quickly -not just in the hardware field, but also in our thought, in the way we run our societies.
Is it really difficult to think of a future where Robots might feel more human than the mankind itself?

Well, in any case, I am pleased to just heard that Blade Runner: The Final Cut has been re-mastered with Dolby 5.1 and it will be in American cinemas this year. Crossed-fingers, it will be in the UK shortly. I should be one to queue for a ticket to see it.