Gay, muscles and a bottle of Protein.

Well, I will lie if I said that I didn’t feel the attraction, the need or rather say the necessity to improve my look. Muscular body, that was exactly what I had in mind, like many other gay men in the world -though, I will like to remark how many other aren’t really bothered by that.

The truth is that for a while I tried to beef up if I could say, though I would probably prefer to say that I chickened out, in the more realistic sense of my actions. Building up muscle is not a simple journey to the gym every day -of course, it does require at some point visiting the gym. But it also implies some other help- normally in the shape of a supplement. It’s true that I am not necessarily correct in my assumption, many of the gym-goers will contradict my opinion and reaffirm that it is possible to work out and get results without having to go into the chemical aid provided by supplement. Perhaps.

The reality may be slightly different to the idea of performing endless routines and sets until our hidden six pack appear like a box of beers in an Aussie Barbie. For many gay men, the external pressure to look like an action man lure them into trying creatine, protein and from there many other substances; some more dangerous than other.

The result, though, can be visible sometimes. Deformed or abnormal developed parts of the body shown off in some kind of freak show for the amusement of those willing to pay worship -yes, I admit I do like muscle men, but I always like to fantasize with those who you rarely see in the gay scene, like a builder in the most proper sense of it.

Still, I am anyone to criticize anyone for their aim to look different, if that’s what they want to achieve. Good on them!!

Myself, well, I accepted that my improvement won’t take me to the Mr Universe catwalk.


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