Urban Stories: "Ho ho ho…bloody christmas again!

According to tradition, Christmas is a season to celebrate. We get together, we give presents and we meet the family. It’s a religious and a social event for many people. In many countries around the world, the season is more than just a jubilee time but a deserved holiday. From early December, or late November in some cases -especially if light displays are particularly detailed in their decoration-, many cities in Europe will work hard to provide with the perfect background for a nice festive time in the year.

Of course, all of that is not the same in the United Kingdom, or I guess I’d rather say in London. Sad as I am to notify of the already few Christmas parties enquiries signs that I have seen in the capital and its suburbs. There is something really annoying in the fact that restaurants are already offering the chance to book a Christmas party as it was the last thing we need to do, just in case we pass away, I suppose.

Not that the catering business is alone in the purpose to ruin any attempt to keep Christmas as a party that is meant to be with some kind of meaning; no, the retailing sector is also embarked in this stupid obsession to bring the Nativity forward, like a premature birth.

Selfridges among others have already opened their Christma Shop. How awful that is!!

Still, I intend to resist to the silly signs that proclaim the Christmas Present Hunting is already on. I don’t give a damn s***!!

To my belief, Christmas is still long away for me to worry.


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