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Urban Stories: "Suicidal"

Few times in someone’s life will that person be able to say that there are scenes in their daily routines that shocked them in such a particular way that it will remain their mind somehow.

I witnessed one event that it will be in my memory for long time. As I was going to town to meet some friends, I drove my car through one of the many bridges in London, Southwark bridge to be precise. It doesn’t have the buzzy feeling that London Bridge or other more crowded crossings have in the Capital. Therefore, an empty pavement didn’t get much of my attention as I approached the traffic lights at the entrance of the bridge from the south part of it. Then, I noticed the police cars and vans parked by the side of the cycle lane and my view extended to beyond those static images and onto the far end of the pavement where I also saw more policemen. My curiosity was a its peak, not being aware that what I was to see could have such an impact.

As I was half way through the bridge, I realised that two policemen were leaning forward over the bridge barrister as if they were talking to someone. As I got closer, I confirmed what I thought and I noticed the third person, seated, ready to jump.

A sudden shiver was noticeable in my spine. The ideas, the reasons, the rage, the loss of faith, the anxiety, the doubts, the decision, the bravery..all kind of thoughts and feelings that someone must go through before you decide to step over a bridge and sit there, looking down to the flow of water that acts as a soft mattress from the distance but it would turned into a hard killing surface on contact.

Suicide is seen by many as an act of coward, as a decision to give up. There, looking at someone about to do, many things went through my head, but not a feeling of coward behaviour. If any, incomprehension by those who happen to have a life where crisis are assimilated and life, though hard, seems bearable to a point.

Today, I can’t help seeing that image of the man with a black top being told not to do it, trying to work out how he did get there, why life pushed him to that point.

It’s all in my head, of course, but the question remains for me.

What happened to the man on the bridge?

Gay, muscles and a bottle of Protein.

Well, I will lie if I said that I didn’t feel the attraction, the need or rather say the necessity to improve my look. Muscular body, that was exactly what I had in mind, like many other gay men in the world -though, I will like to remark how many other aren’t really bothered by that.

The truth is that for a while I tried to beef up if I could say, though I would probably prefer to say that I chickened out, in the more realistic sense of my actions. Building up muscle is not a simple journey to the gym every day -of course, it does require at some point visiting the gym. But it also implies some other help- normally in the shape of a supplement. It’s true that I am not necessarily correct in my assumption, many of the gym-goers will contradict my opinion and reaffirm that it is possible to work out and get results without having to go into the chemical aid provided by supplement. Perhaps.

The reality may be slightly different to the idea of performing endless routines and sets until our hidden six pack appear like a box of beers in an Aussie Barbie. For many gay men, the external pressure to look like an action man lure them into trying creatine, protein and from there many other substances; some more dangerous than other.

The result, though, can be visible sometimes. Deformed or abnormal developed parts of the body shown off in some kind of freak show for the amusement of those willing to pay worship -yes, I admit I do like muscle men, but I always like to fantasize with those who you rarely see in the gay scene, like a builder in the most proper sense of it.

Still, I am anyone to criticize anyone for their aim to look different, if that’s what they want to achieve. Good on them!!

Myself, well, I accepted that my improvement won’t take me to the Mr Universe catwalk.


I passed by this noodle bar in Soho many, many times. I was always intrigued by its sleek, smart look and I wanted to try. So, today I decided to go there with a friend who I convinced against his will to favour a £6.50 Thai Vegan Buffet in the same street.

The prices in the Tuk Tuk many are quite fair and surprisingly not expensive for the area -true that SoHo and Covent Garden offer plenty of choices in terms of cheap eats, but it become harder over the last few years to find anything that is cheaper than a fiver.

The service was quick, the room well lit up and the staff was pleasant and efficient. Most of the tables were taken and people seemed pretty satisfied. I ordered a chicken with rice dish and my friend a meat and seafood with rice one.

Food was served promptly and the appearance was quite nice.I wouldn’t say that I felt the same way when I finished my meal. The duck and pork were very tasty and rice was just cooked fine. Still, I was disappointed somehow. I have eaten many times in cheap Noodle bars that won’t make it to the top ten for service or staff smiling skills; even though, the food was cheap and filling -in many occasions I haven’t been able to finish my meal.

Tuk Tuk might appeal to anyone who seek to placate their hunger for a short period of time or if you are happy to order some starters, but I won’t say it will do the job is you are looking for a single fill-me-up dish.

As always, opinions vary, so please don’t let mine ruin your free will. So, if you feel like trying, do so, please. Don’t worry, I won’t say, I told you so.


56 Old Compton Street
London W1D 4UE


One of the most annoying problems in any city is the sudden amnesia that most of the local councils seem to suffer from when it comes to repair/fix infrastructures on public areas.

I was walking by in my neighbourhood and I noticed this small park, perhaps part of the nearby Business centre.

In any case, it is a small nice green area with a few benches and a characteristic design. As you can see in the photo, two trees are missing with no signs of any replacement for them -it’s been like that for a few years already.

But, that is not the only problem as you can see in the second photo. Some of the slabs on the pavement need to be re-lay.

This is one of the problems with many of the Grandeur Projects in so many big cities. They are good when it comes to promote a city and when it is election period, but it is so easy to forget about them.

So, next time you are out and about, see how many of those spaces have been abandoned. Take a photo, show them. It’s time we reclaim our streets.

Urban Stories: "Ho ho ho…bloody christmas again!

According to tradition, Christmas is a season to celebrate. We get together, we give presents and we meet the family. It’s a religious and a social event for many people. In many countries around the world, the season is more than just a jubilee time but a deserved holiday. From early December, or late November in some cases -especially if light displays are particularly detailed in their decoration-, many cities in Europe will work hard to provide with the perfect background for a nice festive time in the year.

Of course, all of that is not the same in the United Kingdom, or I guess I’d rather say in London. Sad as I am to notify of the already few Christmas parties enquiries signs that I have seen in the capital and its suburbs. There is something really annoying in the fact that restaurants are already offering the chance to book a Christmas party as it was the last thing we need to do, just in case we pass away, I suppose.

Not that the catering business is alone in the purpose to ruin any attempt to keep Christmas as a party that is meant to be with some kind of meaning; no, the retailing sector is also embarked in this stupid obsession to bring the Nativity forward, like a premature birth.

Selfridges among others have already opened their Christma Shop. How awful that is!!

Still, I intend to resist to the silly signs that proclaim the Christmas Present Hunting is already on. I don’t give a damn s***!!

To my belief, Christmas is still long away for me to worry.