I have set up profiles in many gay websites and I still do in many others. There is not a real need for me to be on all of them and honestly, some of them I haven’t used them for long. But, I always feel the curiosity to know what they are like and since I am already in so many, I thought to have a Tried and Tested section on them 🙂

So, my first choice is

Who is it for?
As you could expect from the website name, anyone who describe themselves as bear in the more strict meaning of the word within the gay community. Of course, admirers are welcomed and the not-so-clear definition of Cubs are also using it.

How much would it cost you?
Free as long as you are happy not to use it when it’s “priority access only”. Still, you should get messages sent to you.

What’s the style like?
Not the best lay-out ever seen. Easy to use, basic profile information and users can put several photos. Very popular with Bear events around the world -one of the features allows members to join a kind of “guestlist” of who is going.
Though, messages received can sometimes freezes momentarily your web browser if not open immediately.

Do I recommend it?
Well, BEARWWW and EUROWOOF are linked, so your profile goes long way if bear are your kind of men. So, big, hairy and chunky, then you’re in. But remember not everything is about labels.

Sex factor: Depends on what you are into. Bear wise, well, sexy guys indeed.


3 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    You are chosen to represent your country in the first international blog
    WUB (World United Bloggers)

    The aim of this blog is to prove to the world that differences in language, religion,race and nationality do not make us hate each other and we can make this world better if we express our opinions with respect to others.

    If you agree to join us please send e-mail with your nick name , age , country and your blog address to where you will be sent an activation mail which makes you entitled to contribute in WUB, your name as one of the contributor will automatically be updated.Please read the rules before you start any posting in WUB where you will also find the aims of this WUB.

    Chief WUB,

    Sharm .

  2. I appreciate it, but I think I could be breaking the terms and conditions in the future… :))

  3. Just read your post about BEARWWW.COM, and you said that it was linked to EUROWOOF.COM, which it isn’t. The ones that EUROWOOF.COM is linked to are BEARWORLD.COM and BEAR411.COM, which are the world and North American versions of EUROWOOF.

    Although, to be honest, it’s pretty much the same people on each site, so they might as well be all the same.

    Cute blog … it’s good to see I’m not the only gay blogger on here. But then again, I haven’t really been looking THAT hard. LOL


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