Loving day, marriage gay

1967 marks the landmark year United States of America in which a couple decision to take their personal legal situation to court, helped to end one of the remaining parts of the slavery system in Union.

A couple -he was white, she was black- married in another state but weren’t forbidden to live together in the State of Virginia where they were established. As the State Laws still in place then, banned inter-racial marriages, they weren’t allowed to be as any other couple. One night they arrested for breaking the law.

They took the case to court and it end up having a hearing in the Supreme Court, which ruled that the rest of the country would have to drop any legislation which prohibit mixed race marriages.

The Judge who, in first place, decreed that the couple should not live together, justified his actions based on the Almighty God. The church and religion was ,then, backing a cruel way of understanding the readings of the Bible.

This was just 40 years ago. For many, it might sounds like it was hundreds of years, though.

Gay marriage has a legal status in the Spanish Legislation. For many, that’s another landmark. Still, the church backed those who opposed the law and based their opposition in the readings of the Bible.

We live in a society that changes, shapes up differently every time its members defy the establishment that is in place. It’s a good thing. But we tend to forget our past, we makes each new challenge as difficult as the previous one. Democracy, human rights and race integration were all landmarks in our political systems. More will follow and once again, they would be challenged by many, but especially those whose mind are stuck in a narrow view of their own beliefs.


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