Harry Potter and Tony Snape, Gordon Malfoy and Mr Voldemort Bush

Once upon a time there were two “puretruth” wizards in the world who believed they could change the world by getting rid of the awful evil wizard of Mass Destruction Sadam. They enrolled dwarves from as far as Australia and Spain in their battle to destroy the evil and create worldwide peace.

It happened that the Evil wizard wasn’t so bad after all compare to the spell he left behind when he died. This curse expanded all over the kingdoms and beyond in the monstrous shape of Terrorism and with the excuse of Islam as soul. Death Causers went on killing people with the excuse of revenging his Master, though many feel they aren’t really followers of Sadam but a consequence of the total in useless campign that the two Dark wizard proved so far in the diplomatic field.

Voldermort Bush stayed in power though his citizens, half of them under the Imperioum jinx could not really make their mind freely, and “puretruth” Tony Snape was expelled -though he made it happened as it was a resignation- feeling his followers not longer believed in him.

As for Gordon Malfoy, having been instructed by the master of dark arts Tony Malfoy, he felt he might have to follow the Dark Lord Voldemort and his campaign to dominate the world.

….and the story follows…though we can’t be sure what’s the end…can we?


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