What’s love what to do with it?

I watched the programme on Channel 4 about gay couples and relationships. There were quite a few cases showcases as to say it in some way.

Perhaps, I would stay with two of the stories presented there. Two guys who were just to marry after a very long relationship in which one of them expressed clearly some of the “fears” that affected his sexual behaviour with men [not being able to kiss a man due to the strong influence of his mother]. Still, they have created a bond between them that make them admirable and object of “a good jealousy”.

Then, there was the mature-young relationship. Not much to say apart that it seemed to work for them which , at the end of the day, it’s the main purpose of a relationship between two people -or more if you push it.

Love, we say, is what we look for in others. Is it really? Sure, but the definition of love can’t be constrained to a simple one. Its different ways to show can be seen in a wild ways of relationships in which sex might or might not take place.

Key elements to any good relationship, though, are respect and understanding. It’s not just about letting someone doing what they feel they need to in order to have their own space but also anticipating, reading, pleasing in that special way that makes feel special for a second.

Love might have something to do with a relationship but there are other things that also as important as it.


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