Chris Langham

The actor admitted having been abused when his was a child. That’s piece of news I read on the papers today. On his legal battle about sexual abuse, the actor might just unearthed one of the issues many people won’t dare talking about -and I don’t mean in the media craze about paedophilia with all my respect to the people who has been a victim.

The truth is that we live in a world that is lacking more and more values that are inherent to create the right foundations for an equal society. Among those values are our sexual preferences and respect for the different desires a person might have.

The fact is that sexual pressure from media is always on. Whether we are comfortable with it, or just feel that people who tantalise us are simple objects, they play with our minds and our desires. That’s probably fine for those who upbringing has been correct -if I can say in that way-.

But, what about the people who has not had that opportunity? Like Chris Langham, there are more victims out there who normal learning of life has been affected by traumatic experience for which there’s not a Fix-and-Go solutions. Nor therapies, medication or counselling can, sometimes, heal the pain and the fear that these people might suffer.

Above all, they lives are threaten all the time by pushy messages that relive situations from the past. Easy to blame a paedophile for their behaviour, but what about our responsibilities in their attitude?


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