It’s known that Winston Churchill suffered from changeable moods and episodes of depression. His family described those moments with the metaphor of a black dog that just stayed besides Churchill.

A few days ago I watched a programme on television in which a person who suffered from different problems – I had the sound off so it all was left to my imagination-, reminded me of the Churchill’s story.

I could see this man walking on the street, looking miserable, worried and distant; checking the ads in the front window of the job centre and haunted with money issues.

Throughout the length of this clip, this person is followed by a thick black shadow who walked next him like a proper reflection of this tormented soul who walked in front of it. This shadow which took the shape of the man it followed, was a different type of Black Dog as Churchill would have said.

For many of us, trying to understand mental health is a challenge. Alzheimer, dementia, depression, bipolar disorder and tens more of these terms that for so many people can become another Black Dog -or whatever way they might call him-. are alien entities to the rest of us.

One of the more obvious failures of the modern society is the lack of attention to those who suffer from something that is not physical but mental. We might have many Black Dogs but not enough understanding of their behaviour.

Ps/ To those who find hard a life that is not easy.



War is not about winner or losers, it is just about VICTIMS from either side. Pain, fear, incomprehension are more likely words to use instead of hate, revenge and rights.

Only when we are able to listen to all the parties can we really understand the real extend of the complexity of a war but it also helps us to understand the nonsense that many of the excuses we use to maintain a war status are.

One of the latest and most prominent war is the constant confrontation between Palestine and Israel or even within the different parties in the Gaza and West Bank.

There is one true about any war: none. Because wars are about manipulating, lying and greed at the service of a few.

As I mention before, WAR is just A NON SENSE.