The funny bit


The funny bit.

– There are three signs of old age. The first is your loss of memory. I forget the other two.


Bar code Vauxhall. What a lovely place!!

If you ever think of what new t-shirt you might want to get, you should come to this bar. Here the guys ensure they have worked out hard enough to be able to put on a tight Tee, similar to those we see on plastic mannequins.

I guess I was just jealous, after all, I am just a fat red devilish bear. But I couldn’t see the point about what people called Vauxhall Village.

Was Barcode the example of what the Village has to offer? If so, well, perhaps I’ll stick to the scene in Soho.

A man dressed with a Pilot uniform -which in many other bars would have attracted much attention, especially from girls in straight bars- was in despair for the lack of interest that the young pretty -or not so- men in their nice tight t shirts showed.

But it’s not that bad. After all, we make it happen if we want to…so if you ever go to Barcode Vauxhall, sit, relax and show off your new tight Tee!!