Rushdie and Al Qadea

The cartoons against Allah, the girls having fun in tiger tiger, the countries who invaded Iraq…and I guess the next thing for Al Qaeda is going to be the manufacturers in Spain who produce all kind of pork products for the people among them Muslims who might feel tempted to lose their faith.

It’s ridiculous. So much that it could be done to help people and we just found more reasons for hate.


Iran, nuclear power, people stoned to death. 21st century?

Just a few day ago there was a reason to celebrate in Madrid: Europride. A festival to prove the diversity of gender and sexual orientation.

Among those who demonstrate that day, there were campaigners in defence of the countries where homosexuality is still consider a crime.

For many who were celebrating it, though, this point might have just gone without noticing. After all, we are proud of the civil rights we enjoy in Europe. But the fact that we live in the 21st century hasn’t changed the retrograde and conservative ideas in many of these faith countries.

A good instance is Iran, which is fighting for its right to join the group of nations which have nuclear power. It seems like an exercise to prove some Modernity while its society is ruled by fanatics. How would describe them knowing that someone have been stoned to death for having been in adultery or just being homosexual?

Religion, once more, is the main reason to kill, no mankind but his faith.

In the name of terror.

I passed by Stockwell tube station yesterday. I noticed the Memorial to Jean Charles de Menezes.

My heart shrunk with sadness and fear. Terror, I thought. Terror is the new phantom plague in our society. Terror takes one by one our liberties, terror brings back memories from other times we thought we left behind long time ago.

Transport for London discussed the idea a while ago of dismantling the memorial outside the station. I guess I would be one of those who will oppose strongly. I think it’s important to keep it. As a permanent reminder of what we are capable of.

Not just for those who carried out the atrocities of the bombings but it is also a message of how brutal repression can be in order to “protect” us from the terror.

This July would have been another birthday for Jean Charles. Let’s honour his memory.

Damn weather.

For once, I wish the climate change would be more obvious. Let me explain. Having been born in a country where the sun makes its strong presence for most of the year, I have learnt to appreciate cloudy or overcast days in London.

But as the weeks pass by and they become a month, I get more and more fed up of these cloudy long grey days with not hope to see a ray of bright sunshine.

So, in a kind of ode to those thousands of us who keep looking up to the sky wishing just for a sunny day, here’s this post.

Damn the bloody weather!!!

Modern Penpals

Just in the dawn of the internet age and its email services, there was a way to share with a stranger ideas, thoughts, experiences and feelings. They were pen friends. You may have written long letters to them talking about life or other trivial matters.

Then, the email replaced a paused, deep way of writing for a fast, short way of communicating in most of the cases.

There was also some kind of liturgy in the way we put our words together, we folded the letter and then posted it. Email might have killed all of that process but it also took away those deep long paragraphs that we used to create with these missives.

Why do I think of this?

I suppose because I received a much appreciated support these last days from people who only relation with me is based in short messages within a virtual chat context.

Suddenly, they become the “new pen pals”, friends in the distance who open their heart to a stranger in the same old way that pen pals would do. We might have modern technologies for many things, still they are not more than just a recycled way of doing “old things” in a more modern way.