Gay Relationships =[ Affection + companion ]- sex / time

One of the common talk subjects among gay men is relationships. We all aim to find it but we all seem to struggle. I won’t say I am any closer than anyone else on this matter but I kind of have found a few theories along my lifetime.

Perhaps, this one described in here is the one more people feel happy about.

It runs with a simple principle. Over a period of time, two men feel comfortable enough with each other as to be partners or companions. Love’s value when constant becomes Affection.

Sex is an element in the equation that can be omitted or reduce to zero in other to get a high value for the Relationship.

Time is another value that can halve the overall significance of the Relationship, though sometimes works as an addition rather than division.

In any case, you can try to apply alternative formulas. It might work for you… and it’s worth trying.


BBC’s Johnston release

This is what modern politics come to. We use victims as the new PR methodology.
In the liberation of the BBC reporter, Hamas gets the credits- just in a time when the public opinion are more confused than ever about where do the different factions in Palestine stand.

Modern terrorism is not about the idealist triumph of their actions. These groups know that they need to feel “loved” by the world. My previous sentence might sound really stupid, but media consumers do have a love/hate attitude towards everything and that includes the baddies.

Let’s take as an instance the release of the BBC journalist. It will help to improve Hamas‘ image in the world and it creates the marketing tool to play down its recent outbreak of violence with the not-so-far coalition in power.

In any case, the bottom problem is still on. Peace in the Middle East is more than just effective Public Relations.

Microsoft 4007

Nobody knows what the future holds. But, when it comes to technology, some seem to see it.

More and more voices claim that there will be a huge loss of data stored in old formats that modern computers won’t be able to read. Little or nothing is done to avoid that. The fact that the competition between Microsoft and all the other software developers will carry on in the future is not a good sign that the problem will diminish.

Technology has made daily life much easier in many areas but we might be embracing it without putting too much thought on the consequences.

How many of us have signed up for paperless bills? Still, if anything goes wrong, companies are quick to demand “written proofs”.

It’s a subject that we should be more aware. After all, it’s not like the year 2000 when we thought the millenium bug will stop our computers. This time it won’t let us access our files, as simple as that.

let’s come together video

The European Commission released a promotional video to lure cinema-goers into European cinema. The video shows clips from different movies ,among them Amelie or Bad Education, which has been criticised for being too erotic.

It might not be the most adequate campaign for many, but the truth is that European cinema has never been short of sex and perhaps, it’s that what makes it fresh and interesting compare to the over-censured American productions. How could I imagine Pedro Almodovar’s films without a lot of “ahhs” and “yeahss“. Where would Antonito Banderas be if we haven’t seen that firm butt in Pedro’s movie?

It’s probably not a campaign to be shown on children’s tv and I am sure that it will cause a sudden red face to many viewers, but it’s still an accurate picture of what European cinema is about, stories without censorship.

To see more clips from the MEDIA europa, click here