Loving day, marriage gay

1967 marks the landmark year United States of America in which a couple decision to take their personal legal situation to court, helped to end one of the remaining parts of the slavery system in Union.

A couple -he was white, she was black- married in another state but weren’t forbidden to live together in the State of Virginia where they were established. As the State Laws still in place then, banned inter-racial marriages, they weren’t allowed to be as any other couple. One night they arrested for breaking the law.

They took the case to court and it end up having a hearing in the Supreme Court, which ruled that the rest of the country would have to drop any legislation which prohibit mixed race marriages.

The Judge who, in first place, decreed that the couple should not live together, justified his actions based on the Almighty God. The church and religion was ,then, backing a cruel way of understanding the readings of the Bible.

This was just 40 years ago. For many, it might sounds like it was hundreds of years, though.

Gay marriage has a legal status in the Spanish Legislation. For many, that’s another landmark. Still, the church backed those who opposed the law and based their opposition in the readings of the Bible.

We live in a society that changes, shapes up differently every time its members defy the establishment that is in place. It’s a good thing. But we tend to forget our past, we makes each new challenge as difficult as the previous one. Democracy, human rights and race integration were all landmarks in our political systems. More will follow and once again, they would be challenged by many, but especially those whose mind are stuck in a narrow view of their own beliefs.

Harry Potter and Tony Snape, Gordon Malfoy and Mr Voldemort Bush

Once upon a time there were two “puretruth” wizards in the world who believed they could change the world by getting rid of the awful evil wizard of Mass Destruction Sadam. They enrolled dwarves from as far as Australia and Spain in their battle to destroy the evil and create worldwide peace.

It happened that the Evil wizard wasn’t so bad after all compare to the spell he left behind when he died. This curse expanded all over the kingdoms and beyond in the monstrous shape of Terrorism and with the excuse of Islam as soul. Death Causers went on killing people with the excuse of revenging his Master, though many feel they aren’t really followers of Sadam but a consequence of the total in useless campign that the two Dark wizard proved so far in the diplomatic field.

Voldermort Bush stayed in power though his citizens, half of them under the Imperioum jinx could not really make their mind freely, and “puretruth” Tony Snape was expelled -though he made it happened as it was a resignation- feeling his followers not longer believed in him.

As for Gordon Malfoy, having been instructed by the master of dark arts Tony Malfoy, he felt he might have to follow the Dark Lord Voldemort and his campaign to dominate the world.

….and the story follows…though we can’t be sure what’s the end…can we?

Coffee hunting

I know what makes the difference between a nice area and a not so nice area, even when both are likely to have a good standard of housing. I proved it the other day.

I went with my partner for a walk where I live, Rotherhithe. It’s a nice area with green woodland and a long riverside to follow. Still, the hunt for a coffee proved difficult and anguished. After an hour and half, nothing or little we found out about places with an option to enjoy a nice quality coffee. Because, let’s face it, there’s not need to have those filter coffees from the past when now we all bombarded with cappucino, machiato and other fancy names.

Then I realised that was what really makes the different between a trendy nice area and a would-be-one-day nice area. The ease with which someone can find a nice coffee shop.
Definitely, Rotherhithe still have a long way to go.

What’s love what to do with it?

I watched the programme on Channel 4 about gay couples and relationships. There were quite a few cases showcases as to say it in some way.

Perhaps, I would stay with two of the stories presented there. Two guys who were just to marry after a very long relationship in which one of them expressed clearly some of the “fears” that affected his sexual behaviour with men [not being able to kiss a man due to the strong influence of his mother]. Still, they have created a bond between them that make them admirable and object of “a good jealousy”.

Then, there was the mature-young relationship. Not much to say apart that it seemed to work for them which , at the end of the day, it’s the main purpose of a relationship between two people -or more if you push it.

Love, we say, is what we look for in others. Is it really? Sure, but the definition of love can’t be constrained to a simple one. Its different ways to show can be seen in a wild ways of relationships in which sex might or might not take place.

Key elements to any good relationship, though, are respect and understanding. It’s not just about letting someone doing what they feel they need to in order to have their own space but also anticipating, reading, pleasing in that special way that makes feel special for a second.

Love might have something to do with a relationship but there are other things that also as important as it.



Then, you need the new GYMPHONE.

Some of the features of the special phone are:

[A] Headphone as if you really bother one day to do a
real workout but can’t help getting incoming calls.

[C] Old fashion design, bulky and heavy to help you
do “some” exercise while you keep up in touch with the friends in the gym.

[D] Long cable so the phone can be used as a rope and do some jumping. Not recommended when talking to friends, preferably to be used when your mum calls.

[B] Especial useless add-on that you can use to keep twisting all the time, helping with some of the wrist exercises you are meant to do.

The phone also comes with a special software that tells you how long have you not been using a machine but annoying the people waiting to use it.

It has a cardiovascular feature that is perfectly explained in the manual -in case you find hard to understand what cardiovascular means.

All of this and more in this incredible phone for only


The funny bit

Chris Langham

The actor admitted having been abused when his was a child. That’s piece of news I read on the papers today. On his legal battle about sexual abuse, the actor might just unearthed one of the issues many people won’t dare talking about -and I don’t mean in the media craze about paedophilia with all my respect to the people who has been a victim.

The truth is that we live in a world that is lacking more and more values that are inherent to create the right foundations for an equal society. Among those values are our sexual preferences and respect for the different desires a person might have.

The fact is that sexual pressure from media is always on. Whether we are comfortable with it, or just feel that people who tantalise us are simple objects, they play with our minds and our desires. That’s probably fine for those who upbringing has been correct -if I can say in that way-.

But, what about the people who has not had that opportunity? Like Chris Langham, there are more victims out there who normal learning of life has been affected by traumatic experience for which there’s not a Fix-and-Go solutions. Nor therapies, medication or counselling can, sometimes, heal the pain and the fear that these people might suffer.

Above all, they lives are threaten all the time by pushy messages that relive situations from the past. Easy to blame a paedophile for their behaviour, but what about our responsibilities in their attitude?