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Hold your breath!!

Well, Mr Devil Bear is going to Madrid for Europride and so am I.

Therefore, party time comes first and reporting second.
So, I’ll do my best to keep up with some posts but do not despair for those -very well appreciated- followers of Those things…., I’ll be back next week.

Double Yellow Line

Obviously, the people who drew the yellow line couldn’t think quite straight.
Remember, if you have a car that has a width of 50 cm, do not park in here.

When PM Brown met Bush

New age in Politics in the UK, some will say. A majority of people are looking forward to a change and many are very skeptical. So, would the cabinet reshuffle help on that direction? It would take some time to see what’s really in Mr Brown’s head but I am sure we all be waiting for a Brown-Bush summit and see who’s the one to fake an orgasm…

Cycle lane in Seville

Blair embassador??

George Bust took us to war. Aznar, Howard and Blair followed. So, is it really Tony Blair the right person to try to find peace in an area where religion is the ground, hate the seed and civil war the crop?

I won’t say that I am not one to acknowledge the merits for the peace in Northern Ireland. But the Middle East a very different framework to apply the same rules. Hamas already put many obstacles to the peace, not that the other players didn’t either. Would that make easy another “peace route” to the area? I have my doubts…

A legacy of hate

It’s sad to read that in Spain, like in other countries, an increased number of people expressed their dislike with the U.S.
Certainly, many of those who said so would have in mind the policies applied by George Bush and not so much the attitude of their United States citizens.
It shows, if anything, how politicians can influence not just in their local area of geographical area but in the perception people have in other countries.
I heard stories of people who would give anything to have a Canadian passport rather than an American or even British one to travel to certain countries in the world.
Perhaps, it’s the token to pay for the treatment that many travellers get when they arrive to New York or any other city in the States and have to go through an arrogant bureaucrat whose job is to make your life difficult for a few minutes. [Yes, you can guess I experienced that]